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Made with love, made without unnecessaries

Welcome to Made Without, an extensive new range of delicious, gluten and dairy free food products made without any unnecessary additives. Dishes freshly created by our chefs using the best of ingredients, and then frozen in optimum conditions to ensure a finish that is so good that we just had to share them with you. Wherever you see the Made Without brand, you'll know the dish is either totally free from gluten or dairy, or in some instances both. Even better, you would struggle to taste the difference from our normal dishes. How good does that sound? One range that can suit so many. Give them a try as you have nothing to lose apart from unnecessary additives.


Some of our favourites —


Brie, Spinach and Walnut Souffle

Light and fluffy spinach and walnut souffle with melt-in-the-middle Somerset brie.


Baked Camembert with Red Onion Compote

Somerset Camembert encased in a cheesy red onion and chive pastry, topped with sweet red onion compote.


Falafel Lasagne

Cumin and paprika spiced butternut squash, red pepper and chick peas in tomato sauce, layered between gluten free lasagne sheets, and topped with creamy béchamel sauce and cumin seeds.


Rice and Bulgar Wheat Salad

A salad mix consisting of rice, bulgar wheat, red quinoa, red peppers and red onion with a tangy lemon, agave nectar and mint dressing.


Chicken and Cider Pie

A deep filled pie packed with juicy chicken breast chunks in a creamy and smokey Applewood smoked cheddar and Thatchers Somerset Ale sauce, encased in a kale and herb pastry case and topped with a honey crumbled potato topping.



Tender and juicy beef meatballs flavoured with chilli and garlic and infused caramel onions, creamy mozzarella and rosemary. All hand formed and hand finished with a herby crumb.



Chocolate, Praline and Sea Salt Tart

Indulgent praline flavoured, chewy brownie topped with a glossy Belgium chocolate ganache and garnished with chocolate coated honeycomb pieces and sea salt crystals.


Gingerbread Roulade

A light and airy ginger sponge filled with an orange flavoured mascarpone cream and hand rolled into a log.


Caramel and Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

Layers of white bread soaked in a rich chocolate custard with a luxury salted caramel centre and crispy sugar topping.


Quattro Desserts

Four small individual desserts: chocolate olive oil cake, blueberry and honey cheesecake, pistachio and olive oil cake and a caramel nut tart. 


Sherry Trifle Cheesecake

A light sponge soaked in sherry, topped with a tart raspberry jelly and a firm set orange custard, finished with whipped cream and garnished with chocolate shavings.


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Classic Cuisine has been at the forefront of making bespoke, innovative dishes for the food service industry for more than 25 years. We partner with some of the country’s most high profile restaurant, hotel and cafe groups, plus many other large food retailers. We have earned a reputation as a trusted, creative and innovative supplier that can meet an exacting and diverse range of culinary needs. Indeed, at any given moment our dishes are eaten by thousands of people in thousands of different locations. The Made Without brand has just extended our product range to give you an even bigger choice.

Gluten and dairy free products are no longer a ‘nice to offer’ product but increasingly seen as core menu options for those who enjoy food without the unnecessaries. Made Without is our response to changes in customer choice, media attention and government recommendations for gluten and dairy free foods to become more widely available. With Made Without, you’ll know you have a healthy, delicious alternative for all your customers.
— Jeeva Sanmugam, Managing Director